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  • High End Finishes – This are made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship,  featuring attention to detail and craftsmanship that is not found in standard construction. This offers a luxurious and sophisticated look and feel. e.g Hardwood flooring, Natural Stone Countertop etc
  • Standard Finishes –  employs a set of materials and finishes that are used to create a home that is livable and comfortable, but not luxurious. Standard finishes are typically less expensive than high-end finishes, but they can still provide a high-quality look and feel. Standard construction typically features a more basic level of attention to detail and craftsmanship.

5 bedroom maisonettes optiven homes
  • Plan 1: 5 Bedroom Maisonette
  • Buildable on: 100 x 100
  • Plinth Area: 300 – 350 sqm
  • Design Code: 5BM1

High End Finish – KSh 65,000 per sqm
Standard Finish – KSh 55,000 per sqm

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