One of the key services that has distinguished Optiven Homes, is it’s capacity to deliver dream homes. The company has this year received a number of contracts but it’s significant work is evident at GMC Place KITENGELA, Amani Ridge in Kiambu and the gated community that is Silver Homes.

A visit to the ongoing project in Kiambu was a welcome move seeing how Optiven Homes advised it’s customer on space organization outside the building space. Charles Muraguri, the Director of Projects at Optiven Homes says, “we not only offer dream homes but the whole package including aesthetic advise on how to organize your exterior. We look at the future but plan for it in advance“.

True to the letter as Optiven Homes takes advantage of the value additions to advise planning if homes. The ambience, the perspectives, and even the gradient all come into play. But it’s also not uncommon for home owners to have a garden. Oh yes, you really can grow your own fresh food – even if you happen to live in a small space Contrary to what many believe, you don’t need a huge backyard or a big garden to grow fresh vegetables.

Whether your growing space is a small patio or a tiny backyard, there are simple ways to grow your own food. And believe it or not, quite a bit of fresh food at that. In fact, you hardly need any space at all. For a company that stands for greening of the environment, the future of Optiven Homes us likely to embrace container growing as one of many ways to grow with limited space.

Perhaps the easiest growing method of all for small spaces are with containers. Whether it is in large flower pots, concrete culverts, or simple plastic bottles, containers let you grow vegetables on patios, decks – or anywhere!

With a single container, you can grow an entire monthly worth of tomatoes. To grow vegetables in containers, it all starts with selecting the right plants and the correct size container. Add in good soil, good drainage and good support – and you’re in business!

One of our most exciting experiments at GMC Place KITENGELA farm this year is growing a small “garden” with permaculture and location pots with herbs.  No matter what container you choose, growing vegetables in pots is a perfect way to grow a little of what you love, and have it nearby!

Simple raised beds are another great way to grow for those limited on space. But what makes them even better is they don’t have to fancy or expensive to look and work great! A simple raised bed can be built with just 4 boards. And it opens up a world of growing possibilities!

With just a few 2 x 6 common boards, you can create an attractive raised bed growing space that works. Raised beds not only fit in small spaces, they also have serious advantages over traditional gardening. Like fewer weeds and easy maintenance.

Growing In Straw Bales

Want to create an instant garden to grow in a small space? Then a straw bale or two just might be the answer for you. Straw bales can be used to create a vegetable garden anywhere. Even better, they can be built on top of nearly any surface you can imagine. Simply carve out planting holes in the top of the bale, add in a bit of dirt, and plant away!

As you enjoy your dream home, enjoy the outdoors as well especially the garden.

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