Optiven set to unveil 360 Degrees Housing Solutions, Revolutionizing East Africa’s Housing Sector

Optiven is poised to launch its groundbreaking housing solutions project, aptly named 360 Degrees Housing Solutions, aimed at alleviating the housing shortage in East Africa.

This initiative will focus on five key pillars:

  1. Construction of standalone homes for over 50,000 customers who have acquired land from Optiven over the past 24 years.
  2. Implementation of a comprehensive monetization strategy for these 50,000 homes, including tenant occupancy arrangements and sales on behalf of Optiven’s clientele.
  3. Development of medium-scale estates across more than 30 counties in Kenya, in line with the increasing demand for affordable housing as part of Africa’s developmental agenda.
  4. Collaboration with financiers to facilitate accessible loans for Optiven’s customers through off-takers arrangements.
  5. Creation of over 30,000 direct and indirect job opportunities by the year 2030.

Why the 360 Degrees Housing Solution

  • Housing represents the largest investment opportunity in Africa. With a burgeoning young population, there is an urgent need for quality housing solutions, with Optiven Group leading the charge as the premier provider.

How to Get Involved?

Who are the Initial Beneficiaries?

  • Optiven will prioritize construction for individuals who have acquired land from Optiven within the past 24 years, focusing on this group for the initial three years before extending services to others.

What’s Required?

  • Visit our portal.
  • Select your desired house typology.
  • Contact our customer care homes manager via email or phone.
  • Once satisfied with the location, house plan, and all inquiries addressed, proceed to:
  • Fill out the commitment form.
  • Sign the agreement.
  • Deposit the requisite amount as per the agreement.
  • Receive a Zoom link for construction monitoring.
  • Within 8 months, your dream home will be ready for handover, culminating in a celebratory house party.
  • Enjoy your new abode and a lifetime of happiness.

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