Role of an interior designer in the construction at Optiven Homes

Interior designers are involved in every step of construction, from the concept and planning phase. As interior designers our job is to help you-the client, conceptualize your vision precisely. At Optiven Homes, our interior designers come up with concept and mood boards based on your preferences.

All together ,the interior designer considers the functionality, comfortability, safety and  aesthetics of your space in planning. From the layout, an interior designer comes up with 3D renders that accommodate your specifics, this helps you visualize your design even before building starts.


From the construction onset, interior designers work hand in hand with architects & engineers to ensure that the structural elements align with the design vision. Interior designers also work hand in hand  with electrical engineers to ensure that the electrical outlets ,switches and lighting fixtures achieve both functional and aesthetic goals.

Upon construction, the interior designer works hand in hand with the project manager to ensure successful implementation of the design ,and that quality standards are met.


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