Turn Your Optiven Plot Ownership Into Home Reality with our 50:40:10 Construction Plan

Have you been able to buy a Plot of  land in the course of Optiven’s 23 years of existence? Now, we have incredible news for you! Optiven is thrilled to introduce our exclusive 50:40:10 construction plan, designed to transform your dream of a beautiful home into a reality.

The 4 Easy Steps:

  1. Select Your Ideal Home Plan: View our home plans to explore a diverse range of house plans tailored to your unique needs and preferences. We understand that every homeowner is unique, which is why we offer a variety of options to match your lifestyle perfectly.
  2. 50% Payment: Once you’ve chosen your plan, leave the rest to us. We’ll handle the entire construction process, from obtaining the necessary approvals to laying the foundation and constructing the structure. You can relax while we bring your dream home to life.
  3. 40% Payment: As construction progresses, we’ll keep you informed at every stage. When we reach the interior finishing, roofing, and all the finer details that make a house a home, it’s time for the next payment. We’re committed to ensuring your new home is perfect down to the last detail.
  4. 10% Payment – Handover “Big Party“: Finally, when your dream home is ready and meets our rigorous quality standards, it’s time for a grand celebration! We’ll hand over the keys to your brand-new Optiven home, and you can start creating unforgettable memories.

 Join our 50:40:10 construction offer and let us turn your vision into a reality. Your journey to homeownership has never been easier!

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